We LOVE Pittiebulls!

Ok, let me start here by stating that I have two rescue pitties, I have had pitties my whole life, and I am a HUGE advocate for this amazing, yet so misunderstood breed. Pitbull pups of all types are the most wonderful, loyal, gentle, and sweet animals and make the perfect addition to any size family! Despite what the media and so many people believe, they are not inherently dangerous, they do not just "snap and turn on their owners," and they do not have "locking jaws." They are loyal, very sensitive, sweet, and playful animals that just need to be loved by their humans. Check out This Article by BestFriends.org for even more Pitbull FACTS and myth debunking!

At the end of last year, I personally experienced severe breed discrimination after moving into a new apartment; so severe that I made the decision to move after only a few days due to multiple neighbors harassment over the way my dogs looked. They never met Mystertee or Lily, they just refused to live near "dangerous Pitbulls." It was heartbreaking....my pups have never felt so nervous and there was no way I was going to keep them in potential harms way with these awful neighbors so we found a new home. And then this story made the news, THE FRONT PAGE!! Check out the full article HERE!

Breed Discrimination is rampant in the US, and after this experience I stepped up Surf's Pup Advocacy to support Pittie specific rescue groups and have set out to educate others on positive pittie stories and facts we will ALWAYS welcome ALL breeds to play with us!

We also have a fundraiser that donates to The Blockhead Brigade and Live Love Animal Rescue to help save more pittiebull lives and get them into FURever homes!

20% of all proceeds of these shirts will go directly to the groups above! Buy a Pittie tee, help save Pittie Lives!!!


We love to hear your stories and see your pittie babes too so please share with us!

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