Homemade, Human Grade Dog Food!

🐾Human grade, organic, healthy food for our Doggies is key to their overall health, happiness, and longevity and it doesn’t have to break your bank account!!!

Here’s what Surf’s Pup Doggies eat (and disclaimer here that I am not a vet and I always recommend talking with your vet about diet and food when making changes) as seen in this bowl of Monday Doggie breakfast 😊:


Ground turkey and/or fish

Mixed veggies (broccoli, carrots, green beans, cauliflower, spinach)




White rice


I cook the veggies, apples, and yams in the instapot to mush them up; boil 6 lbs turkey or fish in a big pot and then add a few cups oats; and then 3 cups rice in rice cooker. I mix all this into a big pot goulash style and it feeds my 2 pittiebulls for 4 - 5 days! I shop at basic grocery stores and spend about $250 TOTAL a month for both my pups to eat very well!

Both my pups also get Doggie CBD oil toppers every day to help reduce the risk of arthritis (both my babes had TPLO surgeries on their back legs) and ease separation anxiety 🐶

What are your Doggies eating, please share!!





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