Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How many dogs can you take in the Doggie Lounge at one time?

A: I can take 3-4 doggies depending on size of the dog and the dynamics of the doggies within the Lounge space. I want all pups to have enough space to be comfortable so that the owner is comfortable leaving pup(s) in the Lounge, so we never take more doggies than we can accommodate safely at one time.


2. How do you keep the pups safe and secure while in the Doggie Lounge?

A: Safety is #1 priority. All pups are leashed into the Doggie Lounge via carabiners and hooks that are drilled into the steel of the sides of the Sprinter Van, they are very sturdy. We require all pups to have proof of up to date vaccination records prior to Lounging, and arrive with a snug fitting collar or harness that they are unable to wiggle out of. We never take more pups than the space allows for; sometimes one Great Dane is all that we can accommodate and other times we may have 3-4 smaller pups! There is also another barrier within the Doggie Lounge that covers the side door once the pups are safely hooked into their Lounge space. The pups are supervised by a human 100% of the time and are never left unattended.


3. What happens when the doggies don’t get along with each other?

A: Unfortunately not all doggies love each other, and there are times when pups need to be separated. They way the Doggie Lounge is set up is to give each pup their own space without having to interact with other doggies if the pup chooses not to. All pups are hooked into their Lounge space with leashes attached to the steel of the van allowing for personal space among all the Lounging dogs. When we have 2 pups that have not met prior to Lounging together, they are not placed right next to each other rather the Lounge space is spread out so they can smell their new environment without another doggie in their personal space.


4. Is my dog too big?

A: No way! We have had Great Danes in the Doggie Lounge! I would just recommend calling ahead to reserve space so we can make sure the Doggie Lounge is ready for our big buddy!


5. I have a small dog, is there special space for smaller dogs?

A: Absolutely! With the flexibility of the Lounge space for each pup the smaller doggies have option to hang on the couch off the ground, or on a bench elevated from the floor of the Doggie Lounge. Lots of my little buddies decide that my lap is their favorite Lounge space and this is fine by me!


6. How long can my Doggies Lounge?

A: We require a 2 hour minimum for booking, otherwise we are flexible to work around your schedule and you can book for several hours at time up to 8 hours!

7. What do I need to before my pup can Lounge?

A: All pups need to register with proof of up to date vaccinations, and this can be done online, and please arrive with your pup after he/she has gone potty and in a snug fitting collar or harness.

8. When you transport the pups for pick up and drop off, where do they sit?

A:  When we are moving in the Doggie Lounge, they pups get leashed in with safety harnesses in the back on the Doggie beds.  If it is free from humans, many like to sit shotgun!


8. Should I bring anything for my pup?

A: A snug fitting collar or harness and a leash. We offer fresh water and organic treats but cannot guarantee the treats follow any specific diet, so if you have special treats or food bring them if you like! We do not allow toys or personal beds in the Doggie Lounge to maintain a neutral Lounge space for all pups, so please leave those at home.


9. What pups are not appropriate for the Doggie Lounge?

A: Ok, this is a tough one because I want ALL Doggies to come hang in the Lounge but some just are too uncomfortable or not ready for this type of environment:

     ~Puppies that have not received all of their vaccinations

     ~Pups that are not spayed or neutered

     ~Severely anxious pups may not be comfortable in the Doggie Lounge, we assess this on a case by case basis

     ~Dogs with known aggression towards other dogs or people

     ~Dogs that have been coughing or sick within last 2 weeks, we ask that all pups are in their normal state of health when in the Doggie Lounge.

10.  Do you have insurance?

A:  YES, OF COURSE!!  We have a general business liability policy specific for pet boarding, pet sitting, and a commercial auto policy with LOTS of coverage.  Our Team of Pet sitters are also covered with liability insurance and bonding.


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